Huwebes, Marso 8, 2012

Life not to Mock But to accept

This is Elisa. I have a confession to make. I’m O.C! Obsessive compulsive disorder. I love to make things routinely, & too perfectly to the extent that when you interrupt me on the things that I do, I’ll do start it all over again (Funny).
Proof? Here it goes. Every night i’ll go to sleep I’ll make sure that the door of my room is  fully locked for more than 10 times! I couldn’t sleep till I make sure that I’m absolutely sure of the things that I must be sure of. Sounds Pathetic? yeah! :P
When you try to interrupt me doing my routine, make sure I couldn’t reach you!
because when I do, I’ll kill you! HAHAHA!
Wait. wait. I’m not saying this, for you to be afraid of me, avoid me or something. I’m saying this for your awareness & sensitivity.
So that, you won’t misjudge people like me who has this kind of disorder or another.
We are also Human, WE ARE NOT CRAZY!
We need respect and we need to be understood by you. (puppy eyes)
No one wants to have a disorder nor disability. 
So, Instead of making fun about us, can you please feel us?
We don’t need your sympathy, WE NEED YOUR EMPATHY. :)

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