Biyernes, Marso 9, 2012

The Last Aborted Baby

Do you believe that No Woman should abort their own baby?
I believe that. I agrees with that.
But, I sacrificed my own, so that it must be the last aborted baby.
This is my Story. This is Penelope. I was adopted child of Tee’s Family. I never feel that I belong on their Family. They adopted me to be their house keeper not to be a Family member. So that they wont pay for one. They think that giving meshelter and a food to eat is enough. that’s wise they are. I never feel loved. I really don’t know how it feels like one. I never had a Family. I’m forever alone in this world. No one cares for me. That’s what I felt those times. And I accepted it.
Then this Mailman named Bryan invades my life. He deliver bills & letters every two weeks. And he always address me as “hey, Pretty!” He always got me there but It didn’t show up. And my only response was “Can i get our bills now?” But one day as he came up. He gave me our bills and a red envelope appeared on top of the other envelopes. I looked at him but he just turned his back and say “goodbye pretty”. The letter was about of his admiration for me, and he asked me on a date. So excitedly I dated him. And that’s how it all started.
As I was wearing this yellow spaghetti strap knee level dress paired with skin-tone flat sandals I saw my reflection as pretty as ever with innocent touch. I’m so excited dating him this day because this our Second Day being a boyfriend/girlfriend. ‘twas our 4th date since then. I’ve never feel loved like this.
then I heard him calling me outside and I shouted “coming”. We went on his house because he prepared a candle light dinner for me and I feel so overwhelmed and so loved. I want to stop the time ticking, the world rotating. i want to capture everything at that moment. ‘twas my momentum. We loved talking to each other and we really enjoyed our dinner. After eating we watched Dvd and when we’re on the middle of the story, he putted his hand on top of mine I looked at him and  surprisingly, he whispered “I Love you Pen” Oh, my heart overpowered my mind as he kissed me so gently the first time. on about minutes I’ve learned to respond and the kiss becoming so aggressive. then, I didn’t even noticed that we’re already in his room just a few minutes later. and as he took off my clothes I was willingly give myself to him. My heart & my soul.
I woke up with no regrets, my heart filled with joy as I recalled what happened just Last night. as i whispered to myself “I feel so complete now” after that, my Days filled with Happiness & Joy and on our fourth month I found out that I was pregnant. I was so happy. Now I’ll fill those empty spaces on my heart. I’ll have a Family I’ll call my own! Excitedly I went on his house & I told him he’ll be a Father soon. on my disappointment I didn’t see him excited nor happy. just a confused Face. “bry.. You’ll be a Father, aren’t you excited?” (No response) “aren’t you happy?” look at me Bryan. and He looked at me. “Pen, I’m not ready.” he said. my eyes became teary as I said. “why?” “I’m just a mailman, I don’t know how I will raise a Family.” and he looked down. “Don’t say that bry, we did this. i want this Baby. I want to have a Family I can call my own. We can get along bry. We can raise this Family together.” (Crying) “You don’t understand, i’m not ready. I’m sorry pen. my income will never be enough. Let’s just abort that baby.” shockingly I slapped him on his face and I cried so loudly.He walked away.
I tried to find him but he didn’t show up. I’m in a depression for 1 month ‘till  one day, I talked to my Baby “baby, I’m sorry.. I don’t want you to feel what I’ve experience in this world, I’m full of hatred, never been loved, I’m alone.. Your Father is a coward person. He never love us. He’s never been a Man. (I started to cry) I decided to abort you.. (voice shaking and I’m weeping) Sorry, sorry, I am really sorry baby. I have to do this for your own sake. I want to keep you, but I should have to. (loud weeping) baby after this I’ll wrote our story. How pathetically I was this time. How wicked your daddy is. abandoning his own child, his own flesh & blood. You’ll be a  great reminder for every teenager in this generation full of Lust. That every unborn child like you, that never given a chance to live because of their parents who just lusted for each other and never tried to stand for what they did. You’ll be an eye opener baby. You should be the last Child to be aborted. remember that Baby. You must be the Last.
And I went inside that room. full of darkness

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